Disability Inclusion

What Disability Inclusion delivers

Disability Inclusion aims to ensure every student at every ability thrives at school and in life. 

Disability Inclusion is increasing support for students with disability through the following measures.

Building skills and knowledge in inclusive education.

Disability Inclusion introduces initiatives to help build knowledge and skills in inclusive education across the school system. 

Disability Inclusion Profile.

The profile is a strengths-based process to help schools and families identify:

Key people who understand the student’s education and support needs will complete the profile together. This includes:

A newly created facilitator role will help schools and families work together through the new approach.

Tiered Funding Model

Disability Inclusion introduces a tiered funding model for students with disability with additional funding for schools to help  students with disability take part in their education on the same basis as their peers.

The new model is based on a structured approach to funding which considers the diverse needs of students with disability.

Disability Inclusion Deep Dive from Dept of Education Victoria on Vimeo.