School Vision

Our Journey

In 2017 we began a process of developing a set of guiding statements: a vision, a mission and school values. Students, staff and community members were consulted in the development of the vision and mission with aim of creating a shared sense of purpose and identity for the school. A clear message from our parent community was that family was central to the success and development of every child and they therefore wished for this to be encapsulated in the vision. Our school values, developed through a similar process a few years early, were central to school life and, as such, would form part of the guiding statements. A consistent message from the entire school community was that we recognise the essential provision of holistic care and education for children. Our vision encapsulates what we want to realise, every day, for every child. Our aims are how we will strive to achieve this. Our values, and values characters, serve as an accessible vehicle through which to foster positive traits in our students and community. Our vision and aims guide every action we take, supported by the mantra that every decision we make is made in the best interest of our children.


St Georges Road Primary School ensures every student receives an outstanding, well-rounded education. We provide an inclusive, nurturing environment and recognise the importance of encompassing the academic, physical, social and emotional aspects of learning and development. Our School, families and community work together in a partnership that ensures every child reaches their full potential.


Our Aims

To realise our vision we will:

Our Values